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The invitation is to meet in a new friendship between genders.
To unite men and women: beyond race, religion and differences.
An invitation to get together to look, all together, at the only enemy we have: the blindness and egoism of a few who exploit the world against the interests of everybody.

We ask men to reject sexist antagonism and seek to form a genuine common front with women. We ask women to accept all men who decide to reject sexism into their fight, for the shared progress of humanity.

The following documents explain our reasons and the spirit behind our requests. In particular, they try to explain why, and how, every country has injustice in relations between the sexes, and how this is important to stop ANYTHING changing.

Gender antagonism has always been a problem for humanity for an excellent reason: gender disparity is the most powerful weapon that tyrants have always used against democracy.

When we speak about tyrants, we do not just refer to dictators in a traditional sense.
Every type of tyranny is directed by the economic interests of a few: in this day and age, the most dangerous tyrants are economic lobbies. These are the ones obeyed by dictators and all the governments incapable of creating peace and prosperity.
They have tricked us, they have divided us into men and women, and correcting this is the only way that we can become free again.
We are only one step away from understanding that we, the whole of humanity, are ONE.

In this single organism, there are 1% of people that are like a cancer, a disease that pushes all the other cells to create wars against each other.
But that is the only thing we must HEAL, in order to be truly free.
We are the 99%, and we are one.

To all the women and all the men in the world,
for a shared reflection from a group of Italian women, on 8 March 2012

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