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This year, to celebrate the 8th of March, we propose a few simple considerations leading to the conclusion of how important and urgent it is to re-establish a genuine rapport between the sexes. To do this, it is important to extend a network of female connections: for women and for the whole of humanity.

1. How women are used against the common good, and why
If we really want humanity to progress, we must recognise that women have always been used as a weapon against the common good.
This is an obvious fact that has been systematically covered up even by the most sincere "friends of women" (except for Engels). Most people even think it is a bizarre topic for discussion.

But why?
There is a profound removal, largely unconscious, that nonetheless responds to the needs of those who have excellent reasons for the subject not to be discussed
Instead, this is a topic that we should stop ignoring as it is directly related with the plan for female and planetary liberation. This is something that we should reflect on with honesty and without prejudice, starting with our own surroundings.

The so-called "common good" is promised by politicians and governments everywhere. So how come this promise is (almost) never kept?
How come the good of the people and the health of the planet itself are values that are universally ignored?

Because this is not (only) the result of inabilities or failures. Instead, it is down to precise economic and power strategies that:
1. on the one hand, privatise (to the advantage of a few) privileges and profits;
2. on the other hand socialise losses and catastrophes (to the damage of many).
There is no need to fall back on conspiracy theories: the mechanism of private business damaging the community has always afflicted the world. Together with the social injustice founded on oligarchies, iniquitous systems, dirty business, mafia-style power, false information, propaganda and dictatorships.

Let's have a look at the world of today: as we know, the big power lobbies (political and economic) are divided by strong rivalry and competition. But if we look at the situation from above, it is clear that the big players always collaborate in ceasefires and agreements for their reciprocal interests.
Rivalry > The rivalry between these transversal groups comes out as tense relations or open conflicts - between Governments and political figures, between financial empires -, as ideological and religious contrasts and as outright wars.
Ceasefires > The ceasefires come out in the world of business as the sharing of enormous benefits through calamities, epidemic diseases, abuses, lootings and wars. The success of these pacts, against the interests of the population, is founded on a transversality capable of always focussing on profit and the corruption that supports it.

Within this scenario, the "common good" is a dangerous limitation.
Because it is a synonym of transparency, social participation, democracy and fairness. Therefore it is diametrically opposed to this consolidated system and the success of its interests.

Gender antagonism is tool that provides the most support for all this has always been, everywhere in the world.

In fact, it is well known that:
> On a cultural level, the antagonism between man and woman permeates every society, and it is nourished by misogyny.
«Men created a woman from the earth, and they gave her to the man: she was ignorant and she had no ideas of good or evil. She only knew one thing: to eat. Nothing else. If God sends a damned winter, she trembles with the cold but she will not move her stool closer to the fire. The biggest mistake that God made was this: women. It seems that they are useful for some things, but they create problems for whoever possesses them» (Simonides, 4th century BC).

> Misogyny is not fed only by conceptions handed down generation after generation, but also by a hidden and constant instigation to female abuse, to despise, fear and diffidence towards women. All this creates resentment of women against the "masculine";

> On a practical scale, the conflict between sexes is effectively supported by three, extremely widespread social factors:
1. the abnegation of women's rights
2. the exclusion of women from decisional positions
3. gender abuse, in all its infinite forms.
These phenomena continue to be present in various forms even where they are now illegal and culturally unacceptable. They are even imposed by law or by culture in large parts of the planet. But why?

None of this is by chance.
It is not inevitable.
It is not an innate characteristic of the human soul.

Sexism (and its resultant violence) is not a private matter, nor is it instinctive. Instead, it is a thoroughly fostered distortion, as it has always been the most powerful weapon against Democracy.

It is often said that gender disparity is due to "religion", but this is NOT true: it is religious leaders, in their role as GOVERNORS, who have manipulated religious messages against women ever since antiquity, because it was useful for power.

The instrument that Governments use to control and rule over the male part of people is the offer of sexual supremacy to men by patriarchal societies. To the male half of the population is always given a counterpart to ride roughshod over: us, the women.
«We have courtesans for pleasure, serving girls for daily care, wives to give us legitimate children and to be the faithful keepers of our houses». (Pseudo-Demostenes, 4th century BC)

What is the female sex, then, throughout the history of humanity as we know it? A sub-humanity which every man is invited to rule over, on every level, in order to prevent it from becoming an effective opponent. Master in his household, servant in the community.

What an irresistible temptation... If every man, even the most down-trodden, can be a King in his own home... if he can have this private reign, why should he care about democracy? Why should he care about the world as a whole, or the abyss towards which it is rushing?

Let us not be distracted by the successes that, only in the last decades, in many States have dipped into this millenary model, leading us to legal equity.
Let us not undervalue the power of this mental structure encouraged in a thousand ways and deeply rooted in the unconsciousness.

Let us look at the whole vision focusing the attention on the previous point; because every effort, every progress, out of the established model will always be stopped, dispersed in any possible way and doomed to relapse.

2. Gender equality is a major interest even for men
Looking at this issue from this point of view can help understand the criticality of the relations between the sexes and clarify how women are used against the common good.

By accepting this, we can see that only an authentic equality shall neutralize tyranny and dictatorships, guaranteeing more opportunities and a better life to men as well. But it is important for everybody, men and women, to understand that equality, the progress of the female condition, friendship and respect between sexes and the elimination of all sexual discrimination are required conditions for the liberty of all.

Being transversal therefore means understanding the above for both women and men, and working towards a project:
1. against every kind of sexism
2. in favor of female advancement and women's rights
knowing that this fulfillment would benefit us women as well as the common good.

3. Building a collective brain through the internet
Today, through the internet, humanity is creating a genuine collective brain, which has never existed until now. What do we mean by "collective brain"?

Any human brain achieves excellent progress by:
1. using introspection and self-analysis as well as observing the exterior world,
2. cultivating relationships and experiences,
3. studying, developing skills, creating a vision of the world,
4. exercising memory,
5. examining issues and finding solutions about any subject.

The stimulation of these functions triggers the neuronal connections that can then perform thoughts and movements. It is the creation of these connections and the ongoing expansion of their network that reveals and increases the efficiency of every brain. With the increasing advancement of these functions in the relation with the others and the world, mirror neurons are fostered. Mirror neurons are at the origin of empathy: the quality of caring for the other and willing to find solutions for the common good.

On a global scale things do not change: humanity as a whole is a single organism with a collective self. An entity that should become conscious of its unity and behaving as one joint identity. Moreover, thanks to the expansion of the Internet, it can benefit from a genuine global and artificial brain, in progressive formation and rapid expansion.

The same process previously described for the human brain applies to this global artificial brain.

Each one of us is a neuron of the collective brain, and such neuron can either be active or passive. At this point, it is clear that the nature of this thinking organism is determined by the contribution of each one of us.

Therefore, the direction that our Planet will take depends on every one of us.

4. Consciously developing the collective brain of women
Just like humanity as a whole, each large human category can be considered a sort of "independent organism", which can interact through the internet to create a genuine collective brain that, as part of the larger brain of the whole of humanity, can affect the development of the whole.

We believe that it is vitally important for the female gender give its most intense contribution to this process. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to extend a network of female connections; creating networks everywhere that, moving towards a common "network of networks", can connect all women to each other even more, making the efforts of each more efficient.

This network would be horizontal, of course; since when have networks been made in the form of a pyramid? A simple container crossed by thousands of roads, the strands of a network that is as elastic as possible, flexible, wavy and creative: just like all forms of thought.
A thinking brain, in which each of us is a precious neuron, but also including every man who is interested in rebalancing the relationship between the genders.

5. Union, transversality, the common good
Ours is clearly a gender alliance that rejects chauvinism. This does not mean opposing the male gender. This alliance calls on the resources held by women to make their contribution towards the positive evolution of humanity as a whole.

The change that we are seeking must take place in us, in women. It must improve our condition in the world and the relation that each of us has with our femininity, and therefore also with the other sex. Nonetheless, we are absolutely certain that this progress also involves, directly and immediately, an improvement in the world for the whole of humanity.

This is why we believe it is urgent to clarify that women's rights provide concrete support for:
>  DEMOCRACY, against dictatorship,
>  PEACE, against war,
>  SUSTAINABILITY, against environmental destruction.

In order to achieve these aims, we believe in the centrality of the theme of transversality as an asset and of ethics forming the basis of our actions.

We are 99%. Our success can only be based on international gender transversality, capable of always placing women's rights in the spotlight, as human rights and in the common interest, in the wider framework of respect for the planet.

In order for this to take place, it is necessary to overcome the mentality of labelling, the prehistoric reliance on empty categories, the uncritical abuse of terms such as "left" and "right", along with the crazy conflict between religions - concepts which have become traps: mental blocks.

Enough! We need new references and tools.
We do not believe that different sides will disappear. However, we are determined to search for different, more schematic divisions, not created by ideologies that are no longer valid. Something that will focus on the comprehension that:
> humanity is a single organism
> every specific solution must be studied within the wider context of the common interest and the good of the environment.

We are looking to create unity: against every form of sexism. Against every form of fundamentalism.
Against tyranny and misogyny: two things that, let us remember, always go hand in hand.
If not now, when?

To all the women and all the men in the world, for a shared reflection
from a group of Italian women, on 8 March 2012

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